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OSX/Windows inter-operability and other stuff

Started Jun 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
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OSX/Windows inter-operability and other stuff
Jun 14, 2013

Being a long time Windows user I have been posting questions on this forum in preparation for my first Mac purchase. Everyone has been very helpful and, thanks to them, I have now determined the specs for a new 27" iMac (i7 chip, 16GB Ram, 1 TB Fusion Drive and the 680 Graphics Card). But, since I have a lot of expensive photo editing software (my main use for this machine) and since not all of it is cross-platform, I assumed I would still use the Windows version of some of that software until I got it replaced by the Mac versions and thus I would also need either Parallels or VMware (the consensus on this forum seems to be that there is no real difference between the two).

But running the photo editing software (which includes plugins) means that I would be using a mix of software. That is, I might have the Mac version of an editor and be calling a Windows based external editor (or plugin). Similarly I might have a Windows version of an editor running and call an OSX based external editor (or plugin). Is that going to work?

I assume the external editors will run in their own process space and it may be OK to call a Windows based editor from an OSX based editor (and vice versa), but would it be also OK with plugins? I assume they run in the same process space as the editor (since they are not exes), but I don't know for sure. Perhaps someone here has already done (or tried) this?

Second question. I thought I might either install a Linux variant of some sort (Ubuntu or some other Linux variant) on the machine. I know I can do that and boot into it when I want, but can I also run it under either Parallels or VMware? That is, if I am running OSX and want to run an app like DarkTable which, I believe, only runs under Linux, can I do so?

Last question. Are files created under OSX readable in Windows (and vice versa)? If I edit an image using an OSX editor like LR and then want to access it with a Windows viewer (either running under Parallels/VMware or on a Windows machine) will I have any problem? How about word processor and spread-sheet documents? And text files?

Last + 1 question (for now) . In terms of performance how does the MacBook Pro compare with the iMac? I saw the benchmark figures on a website someone posted here but that does not tell me how the machines compare in doing photo editing and displaying both digital camera images and video. The MacBook Pro has a retina screen available and the iMac does not. Is one significantly faster than the other? The chip in the MacBook Pro seems slower than in the iMac but I don't know if the graphics are faster or slower. I don't do games but playing video from my digital camera is quite a cpu load and I don't know which might be faster.

Thanks for your continued patience.

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