Warning - Nikon REFUSES to replace equipment they cannot fix, even if under warranty.

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In reply to Juggernaut122, Jun 13, 2013

Juggernaut122 wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

lock wrote:

He wrote "They finally agreed that since they cannot repair it that they would replace the equipment.

Yes, that is Nikon's unpublished policy.

When I asked them to send me a confirmation email that they were going to replace the equipment, they refused to, and told me that they would just try to repair it again."

Yes, that is there policy as well. It would have indicated replacement on the invoice though.

In the end, Nikon was not going to replace it at all. Unacceptable.

They were going to replace it...then they got pushed (in their mind...we don't know what was actually said). Unfortunately, I've seen this before when things are demanded. I would have simply recommend the OP take the replacement when offered. It will be offered again so only more time is lost. He will not get a refund, I suspect, based on similar reports. As it stands, they are going to try and "fix" it again. More time lost. I would learn from this, good or bad. I'm not saying OP is Wrong and Nikon is right, only saying he could have a new camera on the way with a brand new warranty...now he doesn't.

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Hi Mako,

Really all I asked for were written directions on how the process of me getting a replacement camera would work.

That was not clear in the OP, and NikonUSA will not put their "Policy" down in print as it's not something they wish to be held to as a legal issue.

I didn't push - just asked them to write down how the process worked - that is when they balked and told me they would just try another repair.

Yes, they broke from "normal" and whoever was on the phone decided that might be what you wanted. Unfortunate but excellent info for others.

Very sleezy, IMHO. This product is under warranty & they are not honoring it.

They are actually, if you read the terms.

I called again and they told me that they will have a manager track my return and work closely with me this time (they refused last time) to clarify what is going on, and how to proceed if they cannot fix it.

Again, see my comments above. Only trying to help you get a working camera in your hands as fast as possible.

No need for a lawyer, the BBB does wonders with companies like this when they are screwing their customers who have a legitimate complaint. One more chance is all they get from me.

I'm not sure they are worried about that. Nikon has always had a F and doesn't even bother to address the BBB. Best to keep that in mind as BBB is not a bargaining chip with them. They do not even seek BBB accreditation. To be fair Canon USA, Photographic division doesn't either and has no rating. Note also that Nikon USA is an independent subsidiary of Nikon Japan. That's why the big Grey market dif and pull of parts from local service folks.

Thanks for the info.


It can certainly be frustrating and I'm bummed for you as well.  Thanks so much for sharing as it will indeed help others.

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My opinions are my own and not those of DPR or its administration. They carry no 'special' value (except to me and Lacie of course)

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