Canikon another dinosaur?

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Squeeze.. m43rds feeling it.
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Just Having Fun wrote:

"DSLR shipments for the first three months of 2013 were down 23% from shipments for the first three months of 2012"

So now you say mirrorless sales were down 15%?  But we see DSLR sales were down 23%.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the global recession starts to end.

Canon and Nikon can handle down economy, the 8 manufacturers struggling for a niche market can't. m43 is not gaining in popularity in the US, it is losing ground, so once the profit drops out it will fade into a smaller market where only 3 or 4 manufacturers will still be producing them.

They are facing a squeeze by DSLR above them and phone/pocket camera below them which squeezes them. How long can they survive? I don't know but the OP discussed Canikon being a dinosaur but the only manufacturers that have camera divisions facing extinction is in the m43 group. You say lets see what happens, well we are already seeing it.

I disagree with Thom, I see m43 going away and getting squeezed, there may be a market for mirrorless in the aps-c or FF, but time will only tell.

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2013 Jan-April shipments outside of Japan were down significantly: Mirrorless 75.2%, DSLR 77.3%

2013 Jan-April shipments to Japan were up significantly: Mirrorless 126.6%, DSLR 157.8%

April 2013 as a percentage of March 2013: 81.1%, DSLR 128.5%

April 2013 as a percentage of April 2012: Mirrorless 58.7%, DSLR 102.5%

Jan-April 2013 as a percentage of 2012: Mirrorless 71.4%, DSLR 80.7%


April 2013 as a percentage of March 2013: Mirrorless 100.9%, DSLR 120.8%

April 2013 as a percentage of April 2012: Mirrorless 95.6%, DSLR 94.9%

Jan-April 2013  as a percentage of 2012 shipments: Mirrorless 85.2%, DSLR 82.1%


Hogan also commented that he doesn't think this implies the death of mirrorless cameras and that he believes that the mirrorless/DSLR world will eventually be one and the same.

The production number for mirrorless in April was only 58.7% of last year, while the production number for DSLRs was 102.5% of last year. In other words, the DSLR camera makers are still making cameras at the same volume as last year, while the mirrorless makers have cut back. This has implications on future CIPA shipment numbers. And it's not a one-month trend: the lower-production-than-shipment trend for mirrorless has been going for three months now. Clearly the mirrorless makers have cut back on what they think the market will absorb in terms of mirrorless cameras.

As Thom Hogan noted:

CIPA data for April are now available and show that shipments and production for both mirrorless and DSLRs were down compared to the first four months of 2013. There were similar decreases in shipments for the two formats, but mirrorless production was down significantly more than DSLR production.

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