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Re: Why the writing's not on the wall (and the new link)

Hmm, reduced component count, ease of assembly, simplified design, probably less warranty returns, almost certainly less oily/whatever sensors (a la D7000, D600) and profit against what, losing a tiny, perhaps imperceptible amount of light (which BTW does not appear to have hurt Sony much)?

Oil has nothing to do with it, as long as there are moving parts. Therefore, unless they can find a way to take full resolution stills without a mechanical shutter and not have serious problems, the oil issue will persist (at least for Nikon, because it seems to happen with their shutters).

It doesn't appear to have hurt Sony much (although they are quite behind at high ISOs partly because of it), but I don't think it helped them much either. Those on-sensor points don't do anything with most lenses, and have severe limitations with the ones it does work with (most notably, can't select individual points).

My feeling is that bean counters will see immense advantage in on sensor PDAF, engineers and users be damned!

Maybe, if they can get it to track well in low light. Otherwise, whoever's first to dive completely into on-sensor PDAF only will die first.

Look at it this way - what if we had been using mirrorless on-sensor PDAF cameras all along, and a DSLR was introduced? People would be raving about the long battery life, responsiveness, tracking ability in low light...

I'm not saying that either way is right or wrong, I'm just predicting what will happen and the reasons I think it might happen.

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