Does Win 8 support long path names?

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Re: Does Win 8 support long path names?

glasswave wrote:

If so, that would be reason enough to upgrade, despite Metro.

I am so sick and tired of Fuc%&*$ Windows FUC#%$^**^% up my data management with this  asenhine error. Furthermore, it does not allow you to easily figure f*^&*^^&* out what files got f'd up so you basically have to start over and if you are doing a cut and paste and hit cancel, it cancels the copy, but allows the deletion...

You should know that all this stuff is too unf^(&1*%ly boring for MS to do anything about it. Yes, Metro, uhm, the Modern UI, the Mobile, the Touch are what MS are putting all of their force to right now.

Want explorer to handle long names for you? It won't but MS will soon add the option of resizing the tiles on the start screen.

Windows f*&^ed up your data and you wish MS would release a fix? No, won't happen but as a consolation in Windows 8.1 you will be able to choose any picture as a wallpaper on your start screen between the tiles.

You wish you didn't have to use 3rd party programs just to work around OS bugs? Well, you'll have to continue doing so but your days will be soon happier because in Windows 8.1 you will be able to run a slide show of your family pictures on your Lock screen!

Still not happy? Don't worry, with the new Windows 8(.1) you'll soon learn what Mobility for the Enterprise means so you'll be able to quit whatever you do now and become a businessman who cannot help but succeed with the new mobile, flexible, powerful, modern, touchy MS tablets and the powerful Apps for your business. This will mean you'll be sitting in the park and watching your millions grow by the minute as presented by the colourful and hypnotising bars on the chart of your "Path To Success" app that you bought in the MS store for a few bucks.

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