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In reply to qianp2k, Jun 4, 2013

qianp2k wrote:

Danga wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

I post a 100% cropped photo...

You say you have...but you haven't yet actually posted one. Saying one has vs understanding one hasn't....is worth discussing.

I don't recall ever seeing him provide a 100% crop of anything, even as the original; it seems to be counter to his standards of extreme aliasing, with lots of pixel-to-pixel contrast, only possible with nearest neighbor downsizing of the original (on a camera with an AA filter).

You got kidding me.  Is that not a 100% cropped?

5D 100% cropped

... click View 100% button, or click view gallery link then click on view original size to see 100% cropped...

qianp2K, You posted a picture and labeled "100% cropped" and then you tell us to click here, click there to view "100% cropped"!

To you these 2 "100% cropped" have the same meaning?

Please let us know what any benefits to cut a entire photo into pieces to show so-called 100% cropped, not only waste space in this forum and cause unnecessary network traffic for someone, but really serves no purpose. It's the method that DPR provided and provide nicely that you can view a full-size photo in many ways. It actually doesn't prevent you from view a photo as a while in full size.  So what's point?

As I said I only post a small portion of photo in 100% cropped when I need to compare it with another photo in side by side. Due to DPR post limit, now you can post a true large photo from D800 for example in 100% cropped thru Google+. But you'd still need to click button or link to view in full size, that's a huge benefit. Otherwise how many pieces you'd have to post from a 36mp D800 photo?

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We are talking about your use of the term CROP.  In fact you did NOT crop anything in the above post.

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