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Re: Why the writing's not on the wall (and the new link)
In reply to chlamchowder, Jun 2, 2013

chlamchowder wrote:

Had a Sony A77 with EVF. Was excellent and the advantage of instantaneous review through the view finder is invaluable when taking wildlife when you may not get another chance at the same shot after later reviewing images and finding the exposure etc not quite right.

The counterpoint is that wasting time tuning exposure often means losing the shot, and exposure preview can prevent you from getting the shot either by not showing shadows, not adapting fast enough, showing the wrong exposure (making the subject hard to see), or not responding fast enough and making tracking difficult.

An EVF might have been good on early DSLRs like the D1/D2 series, with sensors that had very poor dynamic range. But with the incredible dynamic range offered by sensors in later DSLRs, fine tuning exposure is becoming more and more unnecessary. I'd rather have a poorly exposed shot that can be easily corrected in post processing than no shot at all.

Clamchowder, I respect your opinion, however doubt that you've actually experienced a V1/V2 Nikon.  Your description and expectations of its shortcomings don't square with my extensive use of the camera.  Perhaps your experience with a Sony 580(?) has prejudiced your opinion of EVFs?  Then again, perhaps our differences lie in the way we see and use viewfinders.  Other than for overhead or grounld-level framing, I never use the rear LCD to frame and will never own a camera w/o a viewfinder.  LV with a dSLR is not a must-have for me.

Toucan spoke of photographing wildlife.  For me, a DX sized V1 type camera with D300 style controls allowing exposure bracketing, with a silent, 1/16,000 electronic shutter, 15fps, a compact 100-400mm zoom would be perfect.  Would I need instantaneous review then?  I don't think so.

To each his own.

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