D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

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Re: D800e with 24-70 on a vacation in London?

quadraticadder wrote:

Hello all.  I'm going on a vacation to London this summer, and I'm worried about taking my D800e with 24-70 kit because of the chance that it will get stolen.  Am I too worried?  Should I leave it home and take a lesser kit (d90 with 24-200 VR, or gasp! a point and shooter?).  I'd leave it around my neck at all times if I took the d800e, and have it insured, but it will stick out like a massive temptation to pick pockets.  I've heard stories of thieves unlatching the lenses, etc.  Opinions?

Why would the risks of being something stolen be higher in London than it is wherever you live? Behave like a normal human being and you have no problems. There are plenty people with DSLRs in London so why do you think you would be so special that you would be the number 1 target of all thieves?

I never hesitate to take my best camera with me, so far the D800 has been to Vienna, Budapest, Stockholm, Lund (I live outside Lund) and many other places. In two weeks time I'll be in Germany for a week holiday and the week after in Dublin for a four days business trip, a few weeks after that I'll be in Scotland for a two weeks holiday. The D800 will be with me on those four trips ahead of me. The only reason to leave the D800 at home is if you want to travel light, but if weight is not an issue then why hesitate?

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