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Mako2011 wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:


That doesn't mean Canon cannot do that either.  This one was taken from 100-400L on 5D3, an inferior lens compared to your 70-200G/4.0 VR or 70-200G/2.8 VR II.  Since it's too big to be added into DPR gallery, so I provide this 100% cropped photo, oh, yeah on 1:1 full size   Better to download to view it clearly, or need to wait several seconds until the photo is fully rendered.


The image dimensions are not 5760 x 3840 but instead 5241x3432. Perhaps you down sampled or cropped? Quite a bit of grain as well, strange. You cut off the horns, but left lots of space behind. Not a good example I think.

There are no grains.

None? Strange that you say that. Perhaps I should have said noise.

My sample covers a much wider scene than your goat's head, from very bright sunlight to much darker area. But there is no obvious noise/grain. Anyway just show that 5D3 is fully capable to resolve to hair level details even with an inferior lens.

I just showed 5D3 also can deliver very high resolution even with an inferior lens.

I'm sure it's possible... Just not a lot of actual detail resolution in the example subject. Expected though. Not easy to squeeze water from a rock.

The point is that you will not see much difference at 20x30" print (that is only I print to) and in 1080p monitor.  Many reputable photographers own and experience both and said the same on even bigger size prints.


r can your D800 thru heave cropping from a 200mm or 300mm lens deliver such photos belows?

Certainly no worse regards sharpness, but more detail could have been captured. That's natural.

Seriously you think D800 + 300mm lens can outresolve 5D3 + 500mm lens?

Of course it can...given all else equal including framing.

In birding and airshows, how 300mm could have the smae framing from 500mm on the same FF AOV?  Please show us photos rather empty talking.  Too bad DXOMark has not tested 300G/2.8 VR but will not very close based on other lens' tests on D800 by DXOMark.

All taken from the yesterday Junes Beach airshow.

F10 and 1/250? ....you are correct and better technique can make a difference. No need for f10 here. Still, all very nice colors,  though a bit to aggressive with the sharpening slider in LR for my taste.  Thanks for sharing...I do enjoy aviation.

It's clear you don't have much experience in plane photos. The key here is 1/250 not F10 to slow down the propellers' capturing for necessary motion blur rather having a surreal frozen propellers as the planes going to drop .

My bad, I didn't notice you changed the subject from a resolution example to a discussion about visual effects. OK to show blur, but certainly robbed you of the detail the discussion was about. Nice colors though.

It's that you don't know what you're talking about. Are you kidding that I changed the subject? I just addressed your words that no need to shoot at F10, so you suggest F20 will be better at the same 1/250 but ISO 100, or freeze propellers to have surreal looking? Prop planes are the most challenging in airshow as there are many kinds at different speeds.

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