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Mako2011 wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Yeah a well known math.  higher pixel density, you need a higher shutter to deliver similar per-pixel or 100% cropped sharpness.  I am not even trying to dispute resolution but just on better technique.

Or can your D800 thru heave cropping from a 200mm or 300mm lens deliver such photos belows?  

...is that if the Nikon 500 / 4 VR II were at least as sharp as your 500 / 4L IS II (and even if it weren't quite as sharp, but close), that the 36 MP of the D800 would have resolved better than the 22 MP of your 5D3.

But you know that's not what I am talking about, right?

Not always easy to tell. You do jump around quite a bit and often to unrelated concepts.

It's clear that GB doesn't answer my point above that overcropping from D800 will not compensate shorter FL lens as I saw and will be confirmed by DXOMark in resolution test that no way D800+300mm lens can outresolve 5D3+500mm lens that latter will be noticeable higher.

My 10mp 1D3 airshows photos proved amount of pixels are far less important than native FL lenses, shooting skills and most importantly AF performance and overall speed.

That's a good example of "unrelated" to the topic GB was speaking about. Perhaps you misunderstood his intent

Exactly related from what I said. It's him actually shifted topic to shoot at the same FL. But then still not the same as others are not equal. 5D3 is a better camera than D800 in action shots.

Just not a hard concept to understand, really -- unless one is *actively* trying to be obtuse.

18mp or 22mp is sufficient to most people especially someone like me....

That is very true. The type and style of ones shots/output often won't really benefit much at all from an improvement in sensor quality. Nothing wrong with that at all, and many can learn from that.

Actually in at least 95% of real world photos you will not see much difference between 5D3 and 800. See in that yellow car photo, highlight at left side is still overblown and I still see obvious noise in D800 shadow areas after lifting (such as on that bird that its left wing under shadow is very noisy).

Improvements in composition and technique are often a bigger bang for the back. F10 and 1/250 for example.

Exactly.  It's the shooter behind the VF matter.

On the other hand, some really can take advantage of improved sensor tech and can make the improvements obvious. Those folks are few. There work though is impressive and a joy to see.

Sure everyone wants a better sensor.  But for my needs Canon cameras are still excellent and fully capable to deliver excellent photos.  Lens' choice, AF speed and overall performances are more important.

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