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jjnik wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Now he is talking downsampling to 5D3 size   See you tomorrow.

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I meant that last post to be my last response to you - but I can't let you use your typical spin to mischaracterize what I actually said - which was

"Maybe - because, as I've tried unsuccessfully to educate you, we would not be looking at the same thing!!!  As with the D4 example above, at the image level the D800 will still look as sharp or sharper even if I crop into it to provide a 5D3 size image and, if I downsize to the 5D3 image size, I can get better apparent sharpness and detail... AND I could still print bigger with better sharpness than the 5D3 file."

You know I just said you do need use faster shutter to have similar per-pixel sharpness from D800 when compared to D4. You were arguing on that. Now you shifted topic to per-picture level. Sure D800 does have more resolution but I will dispute you will see much difference at 20x30" (or even to 28x40") no mention viewed at 1080p monitor.

DXOMark tested show difference is very small with respective lenses.


Several reputable photographers with their own experiences also said the difference is very small.

...meaning that looking at a 100% crop from a D800 and a 5D3 is looking at two different things.  The D800E 100% crop is capturing a more magnified view/smaller section of the target.  However, as I've demonstrated to everyone except you, it is possible to get sharp per pixel detail (100% crop) with a D800 without taking any extraordinary methods (as you insist must be done).

Sure everthing is possible.  But chance to get that per-pixel level sharpness from D800 with the same low speed should be lower than from your D4.  That's why I suggested to do a scientific test by fire a group of 20 shots each from D800 and D4 with VR turn-off on the lens see which camera has higher average sharpness at 100% cropped level.

So as long as you used the same technique and shot conditions as the 5D3, then even if the D800 results at100% view were not quite as sharp (though I demonstrated to most that they can be) as then 5D3 (which, remember, is a different, less magnified view of a larger part of the target), then the image level view (which is the real end goal for non-measurebators) of the D800 will still look as sharp or sharper than the 5D3.   This would also be true if I downsized the D800 image to the 5D3 image size as the downsizing/oversampling will provide better apparent sharpness and detail in the resultant smaller image (I'M NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD DO THIS - just stating the reality if you did!!)

Well because of lower pixel density, my 22mp 5D3 will have higher percentage of 100% cropped or per-pixel level sharpness than your D800 when shooting at the same technique such as hand-held. Then the gap between 5D3 and D800 in resolution will be smaller than if we shoot at better technique such as both on tripod. Which means as I said as well as DPR review said you will waste 36mp potential.

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