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Re: What we're saying, Peter...
In reply to Great Bustard, May 28, 2013

Great Bustard wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Yeah a well known math.  higher pixel density, you need a higher shutter to deliver similar per-pixel or 100% cropped sharpness.  I am not even trying to dispute resolution but just on better technique.

Or can your D800 thru heave cropping from a 200mm or 300mm lens deliver such photos belows?  

...is that if the Nikon 500 / 4 VR II were at least as sharp as your 500 / 4L IS II (and even if it weren't quite as sharp, but close), that the 36 MP of the D800 would have resolved better than the 22 MP of your 5D3.

But you know that's not what I am talking about, right? I hope I have 500L II but I only have 500L I that is already good enough. My points are a) overcropping is not a substitute for longer FL lenses. The reasons I said that I have seen some D800 airshow photos from 300mm and 200mm lenses not impressive at all after overcropping; b) what you said is only true if else equals. 5D3 is noticeable better in AF speed and overall response speed and deeper buffer. After this shooting, now I can say although 5D3 is only 6fps compared to 10fps 1D3, but with 1000X CF card, it cleaned buffer (much) quicker than 1D3 (that only supports upto 266x CF) so it effectively compensate shallower buffer. I still ended with 5000 photos. I tried D800 in pdn PhotoPlus Expo, it's noticeable slower. After initial burst, it slows down quite a bit and takes (much) longer to clean buffer. I have no doubt if we shoot side by side, my 5D3 will capture lots more precise moments with its superior AF performance and overall speed.  My 10mp 1D3 airshows photos proved amount of pixels are far less important than native FL lenses, shooting skills and most importantly AF performance and overall speed.

Just not a hard concept to understand, really -- unless one is *actively* trying to be obtuse.

Now return to OP. 18mp or 22mp is sufficient to most people especially someone like me only print to 20x30" or view on 1080p monitor at this moment. D800 will not help in this matter. For my needs I'd pickup 5D3 over D800 if I start from scratch. 5D3 is just a better all-round camera. It's hypocrisy that you're so envious D800 but you chose 6D instead. You keep emphasizing to shoot on eq DOF which is rubbish, but yourself prefer shooting in shallower DOF. So what you said is not what you did.

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