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Nice colors
In reply to qianp2k, May 28, 2013

qianp2k wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Obviously you purposely ignored what I said in earlier post that compared a best well-lit small areas of feather of his bird vs a shadow-lit wing from my bird.  But if we compare for the same-lit bird bodies (main subject after of all), the difference is pretty clear.

It is indeed. In this case...comparing 100% crops (though that concepts seems to still be a bit illusive for you) ...the D800 did indeed resolve more detail

You need you eyes checked or you just unable to see from your biased eyes, LOL.

Pot calling the kettle black?

Any my bird is obviously sharper despite shooting at almost double higher ISO with an inferior lens.

Inferior is indeed the correct word but not the right context. You didn't crop the same 1 to 1, it appears...try the 100% crop and compare.

the above bird from my shot is 100% cropped, or your word 1:1.

Measure again and or see the explanation in the above link on how to produce 100% crop

I will not call it tack sharp and he admitted not tack sharp .

And f4 ISO 100

Subject is matter.  Sure this guy has lots of hairs, lots of them.  Oh yes D800 does have lots of resolution at ISO 100, F4 and 1/640 sec, why not shoot at 1/10 hand-held BTW?

Because you might then cry foul, jump up and down a demand "then fire 20 shots from the same lens on 16mp D4".  We don't want poor history repeating.

Full Size No PP


100% crop

Interesting stuff

That doesn't mean Canon cannot do that either.  This one was taken from 100-400L on 5D3, an inferior lens compared to your 70-200G/4.0 VR or 70-200G/2.8 VR II.  Since it's too big to be added into DPR gallery, so I provide this 100% cropped photo, oh, yeah on 1:1 full size   Better to download to view it clearly, or need to wait several seconds until the photo is fully rendered.


The image dimensions are not 5760 x 3840 but instead 5241x3432. Perhaps you down sampled or cropped? Quite a bit of grain as well, strange. You cut off the horns, but left lots of space behind. Not a good example I think.

Or can your D800 thru heave cropping from a 200mm or 300mm lens deliver such photos belows?

Certainly no worse regards sharpness, but more detail could have been captured. That's natural.

All taken from the yesterday Junes Beach airshow.

F10 and 1/250? ....you are correct and better technique can make a difference. No need for f10 here. Still, all very nice colors,  though a bit to aggressive with the sharpening slider in LR for my taste.  Thanks for sharing...I do enjoy aviation.

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