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Re: As you pointed out
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Mako2011 wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

P.S:  How embarrassing is this post of yours?


Top from D800E and bottom from 5DIII that is slightly sharper and should be

Puts things in perspective. Interesting to see someone "realize" the Canon 40D is sharper than the  Canon 5d mark III.  A lot of money can be saved

Look a bit further up in that thread to see why.  That said, the "reveal" also presents a conundrum for me as well.

Need the original files. May be some serious down sampling going on.

Here we are:


Ahh...entertainment all around

Yes indeed that's why I called game.

What, after the fact...nice backtrack.

Which bird really has more feather details and is sharper?

In this specific case, yes the D800 both our resoles (shows more detail) and is sharper. Under the circumstances presented, it's too be expected. Just as you pointed out...the 40D did indeed appear sharper than the 5dmkIII in that case. Your only mistake was assuming the 40D shot was actually the 5DmkIII. That was simply bias and we understand were it comes from. To be expected.

Obviously you purposely ignored what I said in earlier post that compared a best well-lit small areas of feather of his bird vs a shadow-lit wing from my bird.  But if we compare for the same-lit bird bodies (main subject after of all), the difference is pretty clear.

I know you eyes just pretend you don't see something you don't want to see.

100% crop (a 400 pixel x 500 pixel portion of the full size image):

Still no much details on his bird's best-lit feather.  If he ever show that wing (lower one or left wing of the bird that in shadow) that result is far far worse.  There are more textual details on the shadow-wing from my bird that have lots more feathers, not only you see feathers but you see hairs on the feather not just something look like a feather but no hair details, LOL.

Any my bird is obviously sharper despite shooting at almost double higher ISO with an inferior lens.

I will not call it tack sharp and he admitted not tack sharp .  See that is the issue that even at reduced size, look average sharp on all parts (including the focus spot) but nothing really tack sharp on any parts.  Not sure because of 1/10 and TC or similar issue from the observation from this Toronto-based wedding photog on his opinion of Nikon AF system.


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