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Re: Well in the past
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jjnik wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Based on the example presented here...maybe it's a "consensus of one" and some photographers are simply more skilled at using the tools available as the statement above is obviously false. Not "required higher shutter"...we now see the proof in that

That's why I suggested him to fire 20 shots each between D4 and D800 and to see which camera has better average per-pixel sharpness.  It's better to turn off VR.   A single lucky shot with the help of excellent Nikon VR doesn't overturn the consensus of photography rule.  No mention that photo is not really tack sharp.

You seem to be stuck well in the past, in many ways. I'm surprised how often you deny facts when presented in the form of picture examples. Unfortunate. At least you did learn a few things this time...that's  improvement. Have a good day regardless.

But seriously is that a simple fact and consensus in general that,

Higher pixel density either from crop factor or from amount of pixels would require higher shutter in order to achieve the same level of per-pixel sharpness without help from other factors such as tripod or VR/IS as from a low density camera?

I am just disputing this simple issue, not denying D800 has higher resolution.  Why you just cannot grasp on this.

What you gloss over is the fact that in many everyday situations, the technique and shutterspeeds you would be using to get the right exposure (espeically outdoors with fast glass) are good enough to make that point moot.  So you seem to be the one who is not grasping - rather, you speak in absolutes on this topic, when you really should not!

Can you do a simple test as I suggested to shoot 20 shots each between D4 and D800 at 1/10 from the same lens such as from that 70-200G at 200mm, and see which camera is sharper in average at 100% cropped level?  I think you're the one cannot grasp the relativity but talk in absolute.  I never said you cannot take individual sharp photos from D800 but just said you do need a better technique such as a bit faster shutter if you want to fully leverage 36mp.  If we ever had a chance shoot side by side at such 1/10 sec from respective 70-200 zoom at 200mm, I have no doubt my 5D3 (provided we both have same hands' sturdy level) will get more sharper photos when they are viewed at respective 100% cropped sizes

However, at least now we know that you will never buy a higher resolution Canon DSLR as this issue is insurmoutable for you - you'll always get better results with your 5D3 as it will provide, at least to  your eyes, better per-pixel sharpness.  Good Luck.

I actually never said "NEVER" but just said not at this moment until I have a 8K or at least 4K monitor.  Otherwise 46 or 36mp is wasted for me or at least not in my priority and I am going to pay lots more just for extra MP when I only need to print to 20x30" and view at my 1080p monitor.  Since unlikely Canon or Nikon will give a camera both can take 46mp and shoot at 10fps, my priority will pickup a 22/24mp camera that can shoot 10fps over a 46mp that only can shoot at 5fps. Even I start from scratch today, I'd still pickup 5D3 over D800E on my needs and better lens options Canon provides.  My upgrading path will be (as I said in other threads) to get a used 1DX (likely in 2015), get a 24 or 25mp 6D2 when it comes out (hope it has a high DR sensor then) and will sell 5D3 then.  High MP camera just not in my priority.  I know you might have a different priority that is OK.

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