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Why Canon made 1Dx best specification ... II

Started May 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: no need
In reply to jjnik, May 25, 2013

jjnik wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

jjnik wrote:

The point you won't seem to admit is that a high resolution camera (in this case a 36 MP Nikon, in the future likely an even higher MP Canon) can deliver very sharp images at the pixel level even handheld.  Here's another example for you to not understand (and this one features a Canon 7D and 70-200/2.8 IS  ).  Handheld at 1/400th:

- Full frame image (showing focus point):

- Cropped full size image (to get under the 20 MP gallery upload limit):

100% crop (800 pixels x 500 pixels - note this is slightly behind the actual focus point):

Sharp and clean photo.  You miss my point.  You should not read I mean you cannot get sharp D800 photos at 100% cropped level thru hand-held (on what shutter speed?).  I just said (read carefully), you'd need better technique such as using higher shutter than lower pixel amount 24mp D600 and 22mp 5DIII at respective per-pixel level.  I'd argue that 5DIII with 300L/2.8 II can take the same photo at 1/200 or even 1/150 for the same per-pixel level sharpness.  After of all, you used 1/400 from 300G/2.8 VR lens.

More pixels, higher crop factor needs higher shutter to get the same per-pixel level sharpness.

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I didn't choose 1/400th - the camera did as I was shooting aperture priority - Any camera would do the same to get a proper exposure in that scene with the chosen aperture.

1/400 with the help of 4-stop VR, nothing special.

But since you seem fixated on your quest to make everyone align with your belief that high resolution DSLR's need high shutter speeds and the best glass, let's try this:

Gee, most people know that if you don't use VR/IS, a proper shutter will be = 1 / <focus_length> * pixel density (including crop factor)

1/10th with the 70-200 VR2 (which as you say is worse than the Canon counterpart) and with the 1.4x Teleconverter mounted to further dragrade the pixel level IQ:

I'd suggest you to turn OFF VR, then fire 20 shots from the same lens on 16mp D4 vs 36mp D800, and view them all at 100% cropped .  Then honestly let us know which camera has better average per-pixel sharpness?

- Full frame to show focus point:

-  Cropped full size image (to get under the 20 MP gallery upload limit):

Just one lucky shot?  How about you fire 20 shots and everytime you can get sharp photo at 1/10?  Or maybe Nikon VR is too good or maybe you have a super sturdy hands

I will not call it tack sharp.  It seems doesn't make sense that you used 1.4x TC for a 150mm FL from 70-200G/2.8 VR II that natively covers 150mm FL.  Maybe this is the reason the photo is not really sharp in addition to under 1/10 sec despite excellent Nikon VR.

Gee - I guess you're right:  a high MP camera needs the best glass and high shutter speeds or tripod use, otherwise the the pixel level (100% crop) is soft and mushy.....

Gee, turn off VR, and fire 20 shots each at 1/10 from D4 and D800 and then compare at 100% cropped level.  It's consensus in photography world that longer focus length, higher pixel density either from high amount of pixels or from crop factor requires higher shutter for the same level of per-pixel sharpness provided without help from other factors such as VR/IS or tripod.  You're trying to change the rule.

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