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Re: Nice colors
In reply to qianp2k, May 25, 2013

qianp2k wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

  I reduced uncropped original photo to 2000-pixel wide. 

5D3+100-400L full scene

- Heavy Cropped Image (not reduced in size - so you can view at 100% if you want to):

Now here is 100% cropped on the pelican ONLY.

above 5D3+100-400L 100% cropped

there is no difference by showing a small portion of photo and entire photo at original size that may not fit into your monitor.

I think your wording might be adding to your confusion

Not that is your part

If so, why do you keep referring to the crop wrong? I think it might just be the "way" you word things. hard to tell.

Obviously less resolution in the 5D pic

less size. But it contains more textual details.

Yes...no way of getting around the 36MP advantage in that regard. It is impressive. And actually far less textural details in the 5D when you account for the different FOV presented in your example.

but I'm a little surprised at the noise in the blue channel at ISO 240.

ISO 250, blue channel is from reflection of blue ocean.

Understand...just a bit surprised at the level. Really stands out,  but in no way a real issue.

You think that's due to the +2/3 EV you have set?

Yes I use Evaluative metering since the bird was in shadow against bright sky, so added +2/3 EC.  You see I have to pull shadow.

Unfortunate. Just can't pull shadows as well as the Sony sensor. Toshiba sensor has the same "problem". We should all get Sony sensors in our DSLR's

Your image is at 350 PPI...was that by design?

?  Thru LR4 whatever but it's 100% cropped size.

Not so sure about that based on the 1997 x1313 at 350 ppi (23.3 mp) . Check the math maybe?

Love the colors!!

Yes from 5DIII with well known pleasing Canon colors.

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