Why Canon made 1Dx best specification ... II

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Great Bustard
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Re: *Sigh*
In reply to qianp2k, May 25, 2013

qianp2k wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

I'm a firm believer in free speech.  Peter is absolutely free to speak his mind, as tiring as it can be, on occasion.  That said, I don't have to read, or respond, so it's only tiring because I choose to read and respond.

Me too.  I strongly believe debates even heated should be allowed as long as nobody violates DPR rules.


If he can let go of his blind Canon loyalty,

Not true, that is ONLY your speculation.  I never deny Nikon DR advantage and D800 resolution advantage.  I only dispute that you do need better technique to fully leverage higher pixel density camera such as D800, not just I said but DPR review said as well.

I concede that it is my speculation, but it is not only my speculation.  Furthermore, I never denied that better technique is sometimes required to take full advantage of the greater pixel count of the D800, but this is not always so.

For example, if I took a photo at 24mm f/5.6 1/200, which would not be that uncommon of a situation, I would not need better technique with the D800 than I would with the 5D3 for a handheld shot.

and his uneducated fascination with 100% crops as a measure of the IQ of the displayed photo, then there is hope for him, as he seems otherwise cognitively capable.

Well, don't assume you're a photography authority.

I'm more an authority than some, less an authority than others.  Guess which camp you fall in? 

There are too many self-claimed "experts" in DPR forums.  That's why we need discussions and debates.  Don't jump on conclusions.

I can tell you for a fact, that if you take a photo of a scene with the D800 and the Sigma 35, that it will resolve more detail than if you took a photo of the same scene with the same settings and the same lens with a 5D3, regardless of what those settings are and regardless of the scene.

How much more detail the D800 would record, however, will depend tremendously on the scene and settings.  Furthermore, if the greater detail of the D800 would even matter, depends tremendously on not only on the scene and settings, but on how large the photo is displayed and how closely it is viewed, not to mention the QT (quality threshold) of the viewer.

That said, the purpose of my posts is not to educate him, but rather in hopes that others reading who might be enlightened by the resulting exchange.

Educate me?  What a joke!  Who are you, Ansel Adams II? So let's the debates continue...

This is a technical discussion, and, quite frankly, you are not up to speed if you think that 22 MP has any IQ advantage, whatsoever, over 36 MP -- all else equal.

Whether or not that IQ advantage matters to you, or is worth the operational disadvantages that come with it, is another matter all together.

However, given how you are lording FF over APS-C and mFT all the time, even in cases where the differences are beyond trivial, don't you find it the least bit ironic that you pooh-pooh 36 MP vs 22 MP?

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