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Why Canon made 1Dx best specification ... II

Started May 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Except...
In reply to qianp2k, May 24, 2013

qianp2k wrote:

jjnik wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

How ironic that you are displaying your 100% cropped photos at 6.7 MP and 6 MP.

I just cut some edges but the above are 100% cropped. I can print above two to 19x13" or even 26x18" and still look very nice.

What you posted are not 100% crops - they are larger images.


They are. 1DIII max resolution is 3888 x 2592. As I said I just cut some edges but above two are indeed 100% cropped.

You're confusing the difference between a 100% crop and a full size (100% un-scaled) image.  You posted slightly cropped, full size images which could be viewed at 100% as I indicated below- but what you posted were not what most people call 100% crops.  A 100% crop is a small portion of the full size image that one would not have to click on and then click to see at 1:1 View/full size (100%) magnification.  For example, one might post a 500 x 500 pixel portion of the full size image that would show 1:1 pixel quality right in the original post

To see the 100% you would have needed to just post a section of these images that woudl fit on typical native screen resolutions.  However, If I click on you images then I can use the "1:1 View 100%" option to see a 1:1 pixel mapped view (effectively a 100% crop view).

If can afford one of below 4K monitor, they will be fit nicely.  8K OLED monitors will be affordable in 5-10 yrs that will change graphic and photography world in a huge way.  Large and affodrable OLED display will make print dinosaur extinct.


Those screens will make viewing high rez images better, but what does this have to do with viewing at 100% (1:1 pixel level)?

Better 100% cropped or per-pixel quality = better cropping capability = better print quality.

Only likely noticeable if you print big and have a printer capable of printing at higher dpi - not that it's not nice to have, but in many cases, not a big deal.

Oh yeah, 41mp Nokia 808 has 41mp but does it print better than 21mp 5D2?  It even doesn't print better than 5Dc at 20x30".

Can't comment as I have no direct experience with the Nokia 808

Many times it's the quality of pixels not quantity of pixels matters.--

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