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Great Bustard wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

High pixel density cameras such as D800 does need to use better technique such as on tripod and use best lenses in order to fully leverage high pixel density potential.  Sure it doesn't have more blurs than a 22mp camera at the same export size but then you'd waste its 36mp potential.

...that's true of any camera with any pixel count.

Except higher pixel density cameras such as D800 has higher demand for better technique to fully leverage potential.  For example you can hand-held 6D/5D3 and likey still can get sharp photos at 100% cropped or print to 20x30".  With D800 you have lower chance to get sharp 100% cropped hand-held photos or print to 40x60".  If you have to reduce sizes to get similar sharpness level then you wasted 36mp potential.  Instead why you don't buy a 22mp or 24mp camera?  That's reason why many Nikon shooters prefer 24mp over 36mp as not everyone needs to print to billboard size.  Just ask yourself why you don't buy D800 but a low pixel 6D???

Meanwhile my larger-pixel 1DIII (10mp) and 5D Classic (12.8mp) are fully capable of generating very sharp photos when view at 100% cropped or per-pixel level or to print to 19x13" or even 26x18" sizes.

Except it's not the 100% view that matters -- it's how sharp the final photo appears at the size it's displayed and the distance from which it's viewed, assuming detail even matters.

It matters. A good quality 100% cropped photo = better cropping = print quality at size that camera designed for.  My experiences tell me.

Blurry?    1DIII + Canon 100/2.8 macro (non-IS version) hand-held .

So you're saying that all we need is around 2 MP?  The above photos are displayed at 2.5 MP, 1.6 MP, and 2.3 MP, respectively.

LOL.  You don't need to display 100% cropped everytime to demo photos' IQ.  I saw in your posts, you didn't do that either, right?  At other sides, a soft photo is already soft even at 1200-pixel wide.  But above photos are still very sharp at 100% cropped level (actually they are highly cropped, the middle one is already 100% cropped).   They are macro photos.

Or two 100% cropped airplanes snap-shot from a 10mp camera, blurry?

How ironic that you are displaying your 100% cropped photos at 6.7 MP and 6 MP.

I just cut some edges but the above are 100% cropped. I can print above two to 19x13" or even 26x18" and still look very nice.

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