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I Will Not Shot in RAW

Started May 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: I Will Not Shoot JPGs
In reply to kelpdiver, May 24, 2013

kelpdiver wrote:

Don_Campbell wrote:

A short time ago I stood next to a guy who was far more expensively equipped than I, shooting falcons high above us on a cliff. He had a 600mm Canon lens on his DSLR. That rig was mounted on a tripod that was both heavy and by itself was probably more expensive than my SX50. All told he probably had an investiment north of $16K in gear. Clearly that gear is exceptional and highly capable but it is also massive and time-consuming to setup break down. It also has a "reach" of about 1/2 that of my SX50. In addition, I get to quick-release my camera and virtually instantly switch from shooting at 1200mm equivalent to shoot at 24mm equivalent.

Reach is about more than simple focal lengths.  His 600mm (or 960mm on a 7d) will still resolve more detail, focus and shoot faster.

Absolutely right. I am under no illusions that the SX50 at $400 is in the same image quality universe than this guy's marvelous kit. I shortened my post before saving it--in which I wrote that his gear was going to come back with higher quality images than mine.

And the optical viewfinder is immensely easier to spot through at that length.   10 years back I had the S3, which was a 12x optical, a big deal at its time.  But on a bright day, the LCD on the back was invisible, and the low resolution EVF was useless when hand handing at the ~450mm FL.  I looked at the spec on the SX50 and they've improved these LCDs mildly.   I don't see 1200mm being that useful unless on a tripod of its own.  I can see some value it in nonetheless, but it won't replace the bigger kit.

I have remarked maybe 6-10 times on these forums that the EVF of the SX50 is woeful and that Canon should be ashamed of it. On the other hand, the LCD at full brightness is actually quite useable in bright light.

It seems as if you have not experienced the IS of this camera. It is truly astonishing and permits handheld images at full focal length and remarkably slow shutter speeds without a tripod. I use a tripod at times to keep a particular spot in view at high zooms but the IS is truly great.

Your Bryce example points to the other reason people continue to lug heavy gear.  A predawn shot in the canyons is exactly where you want the greater range of the FF sensor, and the greater than 8bit range of the RAW format.  You just have to suck it up and carry the gear...I trekked a 5d and a carbon tripod across the Andes on the Inca Trail to Macchu picchu.

I backpacked with all the camping gear, food and clothing, plus a Nikon and 3 lenses and a Gitzo tripod. 44 years later I'm done sucking up to that extent but I understand it.

The convenience factor is worth a lot. The guy at Bryce didn't get more than a couple of hundred yards from the rim. He missed a lot of interesting photo ops by staying where he was. On the other hand he likely got better quality image than I did--although I did extend my dynamic range in many photos by bracketing and combining for wider range.

I'd love to stick with the smaller cameras.  The underwater rig I used in 2003 costs less than the strobe arms (not the strobeS, or the camera, or the camera lens, nor the camera housing) of what I currently use.  1/10th the weight, drag, cost, but it's too limiting.

I understand your point. I also think that there are all kinds of limits. I stashed my camera and tripod in my vehicle in a few seconds, drove a third of a mile to the headland, and within a total of less than 4 minutes I was out on a point taking photos of two eagles. They had flown off before the guy with the great setup could have been there. That flexibility is not everything but it is something valuable to me.



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