Firmware upgrade causes AF slow down on 18-55!

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Fuji's instructions really byte.
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Carlos C wrote:

I have tried downloading the firmware update several times, but the file size ends up being 38.3MB instead of the 36.5MB told to be the size that must be used. I am using a Macbook Pro to download it. Have anyone have the same issues?

Instructions say the file must match the 36.5MB size or try down loading it again. No matter how many time I try, i get 38.3MB

Will appreciate any guidance that will assist with this issue.

The odds are pretty good that your download is ok. There's a difference between measuring in bytes, kilobytes and megabytes. 1kb is 1,024 bytes, not 1,000 bytes, and 1mb is 1024 kb, not 1,000 kb. If you divide 38,300,000 bytes by 1,024 you get 37,402.3434...kb. Divide this again by 1,024 and you get 36.52mb. It's not exactly 36.5, but that's probably due to imprecision of the stated sizes not just by you but by Fuji as well. It's extremely unlikely that 38.3 or 36.5 are the precise sizes of the actual file in bytes and megabytes and too much of a coincidence that 38.3 / 1.024 / 1.024 is so close to 36.5, which is why I think that your downloaded file is ok.

Fuji should provide the precise sizes of their firmware files so that it would be possible to tell if the downloads are off by even a single byte, but not all Fuji owners are going to be familiar enough with geek talk to know how to compare sizes accurately, and this is made more difficult because different users will use different apps to check the sizes, and not all apps report sizes using the same units.

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