BBC: No Warming since 1998

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One of my favorite maps is one of Antarctica showing air and water temp changes, as well as volcanic activity. Warming is only where there is volcanic activity. There is cooling where there is not.

How about Texas, and the rest of the American southwest? I don't think there are any volcanoes in that area to explain the warming.

And what about the Arctic? It is only ice at the top of the planet. So, what is causing the melting up there?

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I believe I have never alluded to the position that global climate change is not taking place.  That is something that is probably the easiest to prove.  Although they really don't have any absolute data that goes back many years.  What can't be proved is the connection between Mankind's involvement in the cause.  That is where my dispute comes in.

That's like saying 'where is the proof that mankind evolved from apes, as there isn't a smoking gun?'

We won't go there.

But, the warming is caused by both natural and man-made causes. Is it just coincidence that the rise in temperature corresponds to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution?

There are natural cycles of the earth cooling and heating, but prior to the Industrial Revolution, it was much more of a regular cycle, as measured by tree ring growth, and other natural indicators of the earth's temperature. Now, the cycle is broken.

The exact cause is not completely known, but I would rather that mankind takes steps now to reduce any effect they have on the earth's climate, rather than later, when it could be too late.

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I don't mind doing things that avoid pollution.  I don't mind on alternative energy research and the USA becoming energy Independent.  I don't like the cost of living for my family almost doubling in the past 3 years.

If the greener movement want to try and convince the world that ACC is real they need to get rid of their evangelist Algore, Moore, and all the other parasites grabbing at the money end of their scheme.  They really have no integrity and it is hurting their cause.  You know a smoking gun really would help.

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Let's look at the raising cost over the past 3 years. Some of it is due to the improving economy. Did you not notice the price drop when the economy was bad?

Some is suspicious like the raise in gas prices, even though oil prices are lower than they were when the market crashed in 2007. The EU is looking into why gas prices are so high-

Beef prices are higher this year because of last year's drought which caused cattle ranches to cull herds. And the drought also caused increases in corn prices. And, due to the requirement of the EPA, a lot of corn was diverted to ethanol production.

Health care prices are up due to a number of reasons, some of what I find dubious.

Home prices, as well as rents, are up because of the improving economy. Remember the housing crash?

Cost of clothes were up due to shortages of cotton, as farmers move production to other crops.

Cost of goods made in China were up because of the cost of labor, as the workers demanded higherr wages. And, the shipping cost were up because of the cost of fuel for ships.

Airline ticket prices were up because of the rise in fuel costs as well, and the airlines charging more for luggage.

I'm sure that I've forgotten something, and I'm sure others will make comments.

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