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JamesD2 wrote:

danielsonkin wrote:

A lot of people (younger?) are so used to seeing the world through an LCD, maybe its just not in their body memory the way it is for us old-timers. BTW, it's not a stupid question.


And herein lies, perhaps, one of the reasons for varying acceptance of the EVF - age. My eyes are not what they once were and I have considerable difficulty seeing the LCD screen in daylight. In addition, stabilizing the camera against my cheek rather than holding it out at arm's length helps when I compose. I'd also add that decades of photography using various slrs (all with viewfinders) has made using a camera without a viewfinder somewhat awkward for me. The expense of the external viewfinder is really of little importance given the low cost of the LX7. By the time you factor in the added cost, you're still under the cost of my RX100 and now have a viewfinder and a slightly faster lens.

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Happy Snappin'

The way I finally got to see a "Premium" clearviewer is that a person asked on this forum, how it would work with glasses and vision problems.

By a happy coincidence, it turned out he lives about 3 miles from me

So we met and I showed him the Clearviewer and he was THRILLED! - he stated that looking through my ZS19 with the Clearviewer was a good deal better than he could see on his own, due to his condition.

So, he ordered a Premium Clearviewer and then I finally got to see one. It magnifies a bit less and has a flatter field of view, so the corners are clearer.

I also just posted about my experience with glasses and the CV - including the problem of glasses getting scratched by contact with EVF viewfinders.


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