I Will Not Shot in RAW

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Re: I Will Not Shot in RAW
In reply to Hossam Saad ElDin Abd Alhalim Farg, May 20, 2013

Hi Hossam,

If you shoot in RAW then convert on your computer using similar parameters to the camera's own JPEG engine, then you will get similar results as just shooting JPEG in the first place. Is that really so surprising?

Where you'll notice the difference is shooting in situations that confuse the auto white balance (there are many), or in situations with a high dynamic range. In those cases you'll really also need a decent RAW converter to realise the benefits, some of which are discussed here:


It is an excellent article, but I've just noticed one error on the page (he says, 'while balance' instead of 'white balance'.) Anyway, it's certainly not impossible to use a JPEG in your editing process. However, if an image needs adjustment, would you rather have an 8-bit file or a 14-bit one to work from?

Your own eyes and brain are far superior imaging devices than any camera ever invented in my opinion. Shooting in RAW allows you to make decisions that are otherwise imposed on you by the camera. Do you really want such relatively dumb devices telling you how your pictures ought to look?

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