I Will Not Shot in RAW

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Re: I Will Not Shot in RAW
In reply to Hossam Saad ElDin Abd Alhalim Farg, May 19, 2013

Hi Hossam,

If your camera's JPG is exposed correctly of a scene that is not made difficult by hidden shadow or hightlight detail then shoo9ting raw and doing raw processing will not improve on it very much.

JPG images have colors that are represented by 8 digital bits per color channel. That means 256 different levels for each color. As soon as you adjust brightness or contrast or any other property of the image you will eliminate some of these colors. Small changes do not affect things much but changes of already changed images can reduce too many colors for the best effect.

Raw images in the SX50 are made of 12-bits per color channel. That means these color channels have 4096 different intensities. Manipulating these images to bring out blocked highlights or hidden shadow detail will also reduce the total number of levels in the resulting image but when converted to JPG the final 8-bit image will not show that loss of colors because they will be averaged in the conversion process.

In addition, the greater amount of detail in the raw image permits noise reduction methods to be more effective. The camera probably does this noise reduction during its creation of a JPG making use of the extra information but if you wanted a greater degree of noise reduction you will have less to work with when you only use that noise reduction on the JPG image.

JPG out of camera:

Without tweaking the histogram is continuous (has all levels of "value" with none missing).

JPG from camera tweaked to give a bit more detail to bird's "face:"

After slight tweaking some values have dropped out completely because changing overall brightness.

After changing brightness in raw image and then converting to JPG:

The histogram has changed because of the tweaking, but there are no missing values in the histsogram.

So, in summary: the SX50 makes great JPGs. If you are going to want to tweak your images to compensate for issues in lighting or exposure raw is better than JPG for that.



(No effort was made to make the scale of the histograms identical.)

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