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Re: LX7 external EVF

JamesD2 wrote:

Travis wrote:

VF to either the LX7 or RX100 negates the advantage of having a very compact camera.  In that case, I might as well use something bigger with a built-in EVF and articulating LCD.  The whole point of both of these cameras (to me anyway) is having the smallest body possible with the best picture quality and lens possible.  Both cameras succeed in this.

With the LCD brightness turned on Sunny mode on the RX100, it is quite useable even in bright light.  Just prepare to take extra batteries, which are cheap and ubiquitous.  On the other hand, I am quite intrigued by the Clearviewer, which is something I could see myself using on occasion.

For the LX7, I guess the LVF2 is a good option for times when you might want to pop it on when you really need it.  But there's no way I'd leave an EVF or Clearviewer on either of these cameras all the time.


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Here's how I would respond to this. First off, we're all different with different eye sight which therefore give varying abilities to see an LCD screen even at its brightest setting. Furthermore, I noticed on the Panasonic videos on YouTube that Charlie Waite (famous English landscape photographer who frequently uses the LX cameras in his workshops and his own photography), makes use of the external EVF. He carries it in his pocket and when the situation calls for it, he puts it into the hot shoe. Sometimes low level shots are made much easier with this EVF which I believe is articulating. Carrying the LX in one pocket and the EVF in another is no real problem but being unable to see the LCD screen clearly is.

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Happy Snappin'

I don't want to beat this to death - some will say I already have 

Before I found the CV, I had my own device - an old Kodak slide viewer with the diffuser removed:

That required carrying it in another pocket opening and aligning it with the camera each time it was used - each step very minor, but it resulted in many missed shots.

When I saw the Clearviewer, with all the mounting problems solved, I was sold and now - some 5+ years later, I still am.

Like so many, after 60 years of shooting with a viewfinder, arm's length just puts me off - although with Panasonic's super OIS - and the high shutter speeds I get as a bonus when shooting wide open (with ZS19) - camera movement is non-existent.

I much prefer the larger "EVF" which the CV provides to the small EVF of my FZ18, and flipping the CV open and closed concurrent with turning the camera on & off is just 'second nature'.

Placing something too large for a trouser pocket on a camera, or fixing it to the camera every time is - to me - just too much trouble.

Naturally, "YMMV" but I actually think that the objection to the CV is that people just don't realize that it is held right up to the eye, like a telescope - in my illustration, my thumb is flexed a bit too much - the thumb and finger are pressed next to the eye much like a rubber "eye cup" on a telescope or dSLR.

Even at our local camera club, people try to look through it at arm's length!

Anyway, Cheers,  -Erik

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