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Re: LX7 external EVF

Travis wrote:

JamesD2 wrote:

Interesting discussion. The fact of the EVF is the very reason I may opt for trading my RX100 in on the LX7 since I am one of those people who have a terrible time seeing the LCD screen in daylight and have difficulty composing images at arm's length.

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Happy Snappin'

For me, adding an EVF to either the LX7 or RX100 negates the advantage of having a very compact camera.  In that case, I might as well use something bigger with a built-in EVF and articulating LCD.  The whole point of both of these cameras (to me anyway) is having the smallest body possible with the best picture quality and lens possible.  Both cameras succeed in this.

That's the idea - as small and therefore pocketable as Possible.

With the LCD brightness turned on Sunny mode on the RX100, it is quite useable even in bright light.  Just prepare to take extra batteries, which are cheap and ubiquitous.  On the other hand, I am quite intrigued by the Clearviewer, which is something I could see myself using on occasion.

For the LX7, I guess the LVF2 is a good option for times when you might want to pop it on when you really need it.

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But there's no way I'd leave an EVF or Clearviewer on either of these cameras all the time.

On the contrary - perhaps you confuse the EVF & the Clearviewer. The EVF is a large lump on top of the camera and undoubtedly gives a good view.

BUT, the Clearviewer takes up very little room, folding flat against the camera back:

It adds about 1/4 inch to the camera thickness right behind the LCD but doesn't actually touch the LCD so it tends to protect it when in a pocket.

Then it folds out for use:

You kook into themagnifying lens just like looking into a Telescope, with your eye right up to the magnifier (and in my case, my thumb ):

And when the right hand is also on the camera, the hands form a nice, dark, "tunnel" which keeps glare off the LCD extermely well, so you can see focus, composition Icons & Histograms very well.

These photos show a CV + a ZS# - I carry my ZS19 in my pocket ALWAYS - and always with the clearviewer attached - I would not have it any other way.

And it costs LOTS less than the EVF.


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