Mirrorless Takes Another Hammering

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Chef Ramsey.. (Bleep) me
In reply to Jorginho, May 18, 2013

Jorginho wrote:

In stead of picking the rotten cherries handed to you by Thom and neglecting his fresh ones does not seem so wise. Moreover it is better to do your own research. it is not that difficult.

minutes 12, 26, 36, 40 about imaging.

- In short:
1) CCs will get less resources, mirrorless will get much more focus

People who want camera phones or CCs don't want mirrorless, too big.

2) Mirrorless sales are on the rise from Q1 2012 to Q1 2013 with 25%, Over the fiscal year it is 15%

Doesn't matter if you can't make a profit on them. The biggest thing holding back mirrorless is price. If it was 200-300 dollars, I would buy one, but when they cost the consumer more than a DSLR with lens, they at best will only remain a niche market, or they will take down the imaging dept of the companies that sell them through no profit.

3) Mirrorless sales were profitable because of OMD

You need to read the report it was not from Thom. Oly struggles and the OMD is not helping enough to overcome.

4) CCs that WILL get developed will only be so if they are synergetical with mirrorless (mFT CC? Don't know)

It would appear CC's have a place, mirrorless is a tweener camera that struggles in the market place because 1, it costs more than low end DSLRs (at least the OMD which is a decent camera). 2. It is too big (I should say the lenses are). 3 it is being covered by CCs and DSLRs.

5) Oly is doing good with mirrorless in East Asia, but less well than competition in Asia and Europe. They will change their business model in Europe and America

The culture there is different, These people are the king of niche markets. That does not make it a good or profitable products.

6) They will not rise the prise and will not aim at growth in numbers, but growth in rpofit by becoming more efficient.

They need to lower the price and make it smaller (at least the lenses) so it is truly a compact system. But you are saying do not raise the price some say they need to raise the price for more profit. It appears to be a dying product.

7) They do not expect a netprofit in the camera busniess 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. So do not call out when you see this. It is expected.

Really, if I owned a company and my exec told me don't expect net profit. I would tell them to make it profitable or dump it. You are in business to make a profit, not support a failing format. I could see Chef Ramsey now on a new show called Camera Company Nightmares. Don't expect a profit for 4 years? (Bleep) me!

Most positive thing to us is of course their effort put into mFT cams and their aim not to let unitprice rise.

Which would for sure kill an already struggling format.

Also: mirrorless is more than Olympus. Nikon wants to take 25-35% marktetshare over the next few years. That does not point towards less effort or negative expectations by Nikon on the mirrorless market.

Even with the facts in your face you still try to say this format is better than DSLR and DLSR will go away because it is big and antiquated and this format will raise to the top. Again (Bleep) me. LOL

I do not hope the format goes away. I would prefer it stay, even only as a niche market because choice is  but it is a bleak outlook for mirrorless and in the business world, only the strong survive.

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