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Jim Cockfield
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I'll probably install it anyway...
In reply to Jim Cockfield, May 14, 2013

Personally, I'll probably install the first beta anyway, as I've been doing that kind of thing for a long time, since Mepis is the OS I use on a day to day basis; and that way (using a new beta), I can help out with reporting any of any issues so that the quality will improve before the final release.

After you get past the installer related issues and sources related issues with gpg keys for software repos not enabled by default (debian multimedia, etc.) in the first beta, it's still going to be using a Debian Stable base "under the covers", so stability should be excellent.

IOW, I've been using Mepis almost full time since the 3.x releases; and I'm accustomed to the "quirks" you need to work through with the early beta releases (and this is the first Mepis beta using the new Debian 7.0/Wheezy stable base).

Using an early beta is not for everyone, as there are going to be some bugs that need to be fixed.  Again, as mentioned in my last post, you'll usually see multiple betas and release candidates with a new Mepis release based on a brand new Debian version before it goes to "gold" (stable/final status), as the Warren (the founder and developer of Mepis) has limited resources for testing and the betas and RCs are needed to get user feedback to help find and correct any issues before a new Mepis release goes to stable status.

So, because Mepis has a lot of things included that you don't get with a "vanilla" Debian install (custom Mepis installer and extra utilities for system/user management, newer builds of some software than are in the Debian default base, newer linux kernel version with extra drivers supporting more hardware, etc., while still maintaining full compatibility with the Debian Stable Software repositories), you will usually have some issues in the early betas that will need to be resolved during the development cycle (and the first Mepis beta based on the new Debian/Wheezy 7.0 version is no exception).

Jim Cockfield wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Thanks Jim, I will check it out when I have some spare time (might not be until a later Beta).

That may be a good idea (wait until a later beta), depending on your patience level and understanding on linux internals to compensate for any bugs in an earlier beta.

Again, this is the first Mepis beta based on Debian 7.0/Wheezy (just released on May 4th), and the first Mepis beta is going to be a bit buggy, since there is a lot of things in Mepis that are not pure Debian (installers, extra repositories for other software outside of Debian, extra utilities for user management, system management,  and more).

For example, the Mepis installer is a custom installer and I'm hearing that the first beta release has problems if you try to create a separate home partition (so you'll need to use a home folder in the same partition you install it to), and has some sources related issues related to the gpg keys for some repos not being setup by default, etc.

Typically, you'll see multiple betas followed by multiple release candidates before a new Mepis release goes to final status.   That's a once every 2 year type process (since Debian only releases a new stable release approx. every 2 years; unlike some of the other distros around with much shorter release cycles; and Mepis follows Debian Stable).

So, you'll usually see a number of issues with an early Mepis beta based on a brand new Debian version.

I have several SUSE 11 or 12 systems, can't remember which, but have not examined the UI closely to see if it is KDE Plasma.

You can download a KDE specific .iso for OpenSUSE 12.3.   The developers of OpenSUSE are one of the biggest contributors to KDE, and newer OpenSUSE releases using KDE tend to be a bit more "polished" than many other distros.

But, on the downside (similar to using a "vanilla" Debian install), you have to do some work yourself to get things like extra repos enabled for any proprietary software and drivers.

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