Nikon D4 Multi-Selector switch came off! (LAME!)

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Lets face it
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All those issues started a few years ago, exactly after Nikon decided to de-localize its factories...I also realized that the new plastic used to coat the bodies doesnt feel as solid as on first DSLR made by Nikon...Not speaking about the AF misalignment issues (why not calibrating all lenses and all cameras on the same level ?) , plastic particles coming of due to mirror mechanism friction,  oil spots, etc... Nikon has always been the best slr camera maker to me, but are going nuts with low quality materials and craftsmanship.

I would be glad to pay an extra 15% if they came back to their quality trust level.

chlamchowder wrote:

Pulled my D4 out of my camera case the other day and noticed immediately that the lower (vertical position) multi-selector switch and come off. Clearly it was "rubbed off" by the camera being pulled out of the case and the back of the camera rubbing against the side of the case... SUCH A BUMMER!!! It doesn't appear "broken", it seems like I could push it back in, but it's got a rubber skirt that somehow has to be nicely and neatly pushed in as well... looking for some help with putting it back in. Anyone else have this happen? I saw a thread on flickr about the same issue, though that person took it back to Nikon to be repaired. We all know that's not the quickest solution...

Just a warning to other D4 owners, it doesn't seem affixed, it seems like it's pushed in but not glued in in any way... hopefully I will be able to repair it, but I am worried about it continuing to come out in the future...

Sorry if I'm not answering your question, but does Nikon have a long history of problems with new cameras? I bought a D600 a few months ago, and I'm getting concerned about the direction Nikon seems to be going in. I like the camera a lot, but I hope I don't regret diving into the Nikon system some time in the future.

First, we saw the D800/4 with AF accuracy problems, both AF inconsistency and left side focus points being off. Then, the D600 comes along with unusual dust problems in the upper left corner of the frame. Recently, someone discussed a D800 with a bent base plate (, which is weird because the tripod mount is where the battery grip attaches, so it has to hold the camera's weight. Now, a multi-selector switch gets rubbed off the back of Nikon's high speed flagship (and you're not alone, since there's a thread on flickr at , where more than one person had the problem).

This stuff would be inexcusable on a $600 entry level DSLR, let alone a high end one.

I googled for problems with previous cameras, and got a few little things like the D700's hot shoe intermittently losing contact, or the D70/90's blinking green light of death. But nothing seemed as common as the ones I've been reading about in the forums.

Well, at least you have another multi-selector on the camera, if that's any consolation. You could put duct tape over the hole to maintain weather sealing if you don't want to send it in for repair. Hopefully, the other multi-selector doesn't get rubbed out as well!

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