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Re: This is why...

Pretty much agree with all your points, but I think also this way...

If people are in public they have given up their freedom not to be seen as they then are. But a person, by going out in public, has not willfully given up the freedom to be captured for ever as they were in that public time. The ability to freeze a person in perpetuity (without taxidermy) has only been available to graphic artists until the last two centuries, and then for a long time required not just willingness but patience (with the photographer) on the part of the subject.

I rented a Nikon with three lenses in the 70s, for a trip to the FL Keys. The people at the camera shop in Memphis just gave me what they thought I'd want; I'm sure it was an old camera and well used lenses. I got a 28mm, about an 85mm, and about a 120mm. They were all a breeze to focus. I became aware back then that I was purposely trespassing on somebody else's beauty sometimes; at the beach, at the store, at a restaurant.

I am pretty sure it is better to be out there and known for what you're doing. Want a picture of a girl in a bikini. Go up and smile at her and see if she'll let you. If she lets you do one and then another and then turns around and plays --- great.

Or — take some remote snaps; it's a 300mm age. I love pictures of the beach; I definitely mean the the beach/photograph residents no ill; I get pleasure in the pleasure they're having, really, and admire their natural gainliness.

Street photography  is the same thing to me. At least look a man in the eye if you are going to take his picture; that would be my personal feeling (usually). But gosh I like a good picture of a person. I consider individuality to be a miraculous thing and never tire of seeing it's appearance.



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