Are we fooling ourselves?

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Re: Are we fooling ourselves?

I gave up on photography, and my much loved Nikon FM and it's prime Nikor lenses, because the lab where I had been getting my custom prints done closed. The alternatives in my town were impersonal and always to busy to talk much. And the boxes of slides I hardly ever got around to looking at again were reaching critical mass. So, from frustration and just being tired of it all I quit taking pictures.

Fast forward about 15 years and my wife, who went throughout the above with me (she had a Nikon FE) got a little Fugifilm super zoom. She started showing me some pretty good pictures and telling me how much fun it was. She finally convinced me to give digital a try and with some stops and starts I eventually ended up with a Canon DSLR system. Liked everything about it, and made some nice images, except for the weight and bulk as I was still into prime lenses. When I realized I was starting to leave the camera bag behind and not taking pictures because it was all too much to lug around at my age (and condition) I sold the Canon system and ended up with a Fuji X-E1 and a 35/1.4. I'm anxiously waiting for the 55-200 and when that gets here I'll be waiting for the 10-24/4. After that I'll have a very compact and lightweight system with great handling qualities, that takes excellent images.

Am I fooling myself? Not even a little bit, young man. I remember the expense and time to get a couple 36 exposure rolls of slide film developed, then going through them to pick out one or two images out of 72 that were worth printing. I have three of those prints hanging in my house. The rest, along with the boxers and boxers of slides are long gone. If you don't see the incredible advantages digital offers, and since you're here the objective behind Fugi's X-system...then maybe you just need a little more time. Say another 20 years or so. (smile)

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