An Open Letter to Simon Joinson, Editor-in-Chief, DPR.

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Tim A2
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Re: Fortran IV? Luxury!
In reply to Wildbegonia, May 10, 2013

Wildbegonia wrote:

Tim A2 wrote:

Joe Pineapples wrote:

Now if you said you'd programmed IBM 360 assembly language, thenI would have been impressed... 


Joe, were you involved with computers in those days?  Seems like someone, it may have been OldArrow, recently said they did some machine language programming. Those were the folks who impressed me. In my stint in the army, I used assembly language on a mainframe RCA computer, but the instruction set was compatable with the IBM 360. Don't be too impressed though, I was just processing serial records of military personnel on magnetic tape and we had a few macros that made life easier. I remember the excitement then about a revolutionary new high level language called COBOL. I really don't want to hijack this thread, but I wonder if there are any others here who worked with computers back then.


I did.  Took me three years to become a computer programmer.  Simply loved it, to solve problems on a programing flow chart.  Studied Assembly, Cobol, Fortran, Basic, and RPGII (IBM).  Worked for Shell Petroleum as a Computer programmer for a Power Plant in one of their Oil Refineries. After a year of just constantly solving problems, one after the other,  and hold nothing tangible in my hands (something that gave you the feeling of acomplishment), I  call it quits.  Went back to University and did a complety flap to the oposite direction, I became an Art Historian.

That is fascinating. Of all the people that responded I would have figured you the least likely to have been a programmer. I am glad I asked, although I am sorry I disrupted Pat's important thread. Programming in the states was good duty for me while I was in the army during the Vietnam War, but that was enough for me. I took a look at the future and decided if COBOL was in it, then it was not for me. I let Uncle Sam help me become a chemist when I was discharged, although I never did get completely away from computers. That is nothing like the switch you made though. Being an Art Historian sounds like it would be a good gig for anyone that could get it.


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