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DP2 Merrill and Sigma Photo Pro outputting wrong colors

Started Oct 5, 2012 | Questions thread
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jo chen
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Re: No propblem here with 10.7.5
In reply to jo chen, May 10, 2013

jo chen wrote:

I calibrated my notebook display recently (spyder2) as it is blueish and ever since I am unable to produce images with SPP that look right with respect to color (comparing to prints and on other displays). I can confirm that SPP 5.5 will silently find and apply a color profile if you provided one in Windows 7 (64-bit) color calibration settings (I assume this is what is referred to as "software calibration" since the operating system applies the  profile). Doing a side by side comparison with the exported tiff in Picasa, colors in SPP are more saturated. Picasa now has an option to "use color management". Once enabled, colors are exactly the same (over saturated) as in SPP.

From what I understand so far, this is a problem for those that actually edit their photos on a laptop (or any other very bad) screen that has no red, green and blue channel mixing sliders. In that case, you're completely at mercy of "software calibration" by installing lookup tables in the graphics card. It seems to me that implementation of this is a mess and hardly ever gives you correct colors.

Going back to the core of the (my) problem: When there is a color profile available for the current display in Windows 7 color management, SPP will use it to do strange things. The same is done by Google's Picasa. Something different is done by Photoshop, which is the only tool to give full control over what's happening. Unfortunately, SPP does not provide user control over anything in this regard.

Here's my current workflow:

  • I regularly use the Spyder2 software to create an up to date ICC profile (.icm file)
  • I use the LUT Manager tool (version and a batch script to load the ICC profile only when I need it. There is no ICC profile "known" to Win7 color calibration. Therefore, apps like SPP don't apply any color correction, even when the profile has been loaded (as it is loaded by the LUT Manager).

This is exactly what I wanted. With the LUT Manager, I can conveniently switch on and off color "correction" for my display(s) at any point in time. Consequently, I am in sRGB color space all of the time and I see the same colors in any app capable of displaying my photos.

If you need further information on this, feel free to contact me.

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