Read this before you buy a Fuji X.

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DSLRs aren't going anywhere...
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DaveJC wrote:

I guess that is why most people are adding a MILC to their Dslr setup. My Dslr does do several things much better than either the Fuji EX1 or my Sigma DPxM cameras. For these activities, I keep it. I still prefer it for macro, I have a nice macro ring flash and both a Pentax DFA 100 and Zeiss 50 macros that are superb. Birding and wild life also falls into the Dslr camp as alluded to in the OP statements. No 400 f4s out there just yet for any brand.

There's no 400 f4 for DSLRs either, AFAIK.  But I'd have to agree that the typical MILC is not particularly good at AF Tracking (other than the Nikon 1 cameras).

But day to day and on the street or on a nature hike, it would almost always be a MILC on my hip. A vacation through Southern cities also, as I want to enjoy myself, not be a pack mule.

Why, do think it takes "pack mule" strength to carry a typical DSLR with a short prime like a 35 or 50 1.4 or even a standard zoom?  I don't.

I like carrying a small ILC or even high end P&S too out on the street, but it has nothing to do with size/weight.  It's because a DSLR can be overkill for such situations and in the case of street photography, they are not as discrete, drawing attention to the photographer.   So in that sense, I think a DSLR may be the wrong tool for the job, but it has nothing to do with weight.

Some day, Dslrs will be dead, but hell, some people still shoot film.

They will?  I know mirrorless fanboys keep saying that DSLRs are a dying breed, but so far all they've been doing is outselling mirrorless cameras by margins of 3-to-1 or more.   They are NOT becoming less popular at all.  So when it this "death" supposed to happen?

Certainly they are not going anywhere if they continue to outperform MILCs so significantly.  Few if any professional photographers photojournalist, wedding or sports photographers have ditched DSLRs in favor of trendy small retro ILCs.  And it appears that far less amateurs than MILC fans would have us believe have ditched their DSLRs.  So when is this death of DSLRs supposed to happen.

So while I disagree with the silly blog post, I don't feel it necessary to characterized DSLRs are old tech, unpopular or heavy, burdensome cameras.  They are none of those things.  They just aren't the best tool for the job in all situations.

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