I don't get street photography. Please explain

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Re: See this and let's see if you can say the same thing!
In reply to Lee Jay, May 4, 2013
  1. Picture of nothing.
  2. Shot of two people's backsides.
  3. Tilted shot of, uh, not sure what those are.
  4. Another person's backside.
  5. Is the subject that the street isn't flat?  Not sure.
  6. A guy doing something with some sort of food, I think.
  7. Shot of the backside of a garbage truck.
  8. Another person's backside.
  9. I can't tell what that is.
  10. A window at a clothes store.
  11. Some fast food.
  12. Making shoes?
  13. Cooking some beans?
  14. No subject.
  15. Busy.  Not sure what the subject was intended to be.
  16. Shot of nothing at all.
  17. Looks like a window at a restaurant or something.
  18. Tilted.  Raining inside some buttresses or something?
  19. It's a door, and it's badly composed since one of the door frames is obstructing the only attractive thing in the shot.  It's also tilted.
  20. Some candy and drinks?
  21. I'm done with those.
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Lee Jay
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Well, I guess you don't like street photography:))

To me, it is like reading a good novel describing a scene  or a person. If the words and past experience are put together by a master to describe something ordinary like a shoe repairman, it is sometimes called art. Street photograph is the same, but not all art forms are appreciated by all people which is okay. I never understood some types of music which other people adore

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