The BIGGEST problem with my DP2M....

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Re: The BIGGEST problem with my DP2M....

DMillier wrote:

I don't know how long you've been active on this forum, but it is slightly different than most.

In most forums there is rivalry between brands, in this forum it has always been largely rivalry between sensor technologies.

I think the main reason for this is because historically Sigma cameras (as cameras) have been  behind the technology curve. Once upon a time you might have bought a Sigma film camera because it was OK and you couldn't afford a higher end camera. These days, Sigma don't sell basic cameras by undercutting the majors in price, they sell basic bodies at the same or considerably higher price. And they are selling on one single specification: the use of Foveon sensors. And that means this isn't really the Sigma camera forum, it's the Foveon sensor forum.

There are some parallels in history: a few years ago digital cameras used CCD sensors, then Canon proved with their D30 model that it was possible to use CMOS type active pixel sensors in serious cameras.  That provoked quite a long running debate between CCDers and CMOSers.  As we know, CMOS one that battle and is ubiquitous in large sensors cameras.

A more modern fight seems to be going on over in the Fuji forum. Fuji have always been innovative with sensor layouts, first the SR sensors used in the S3 and S5, then EXR sensors like that in the X10 compact and more recently their shift to non-Bayer pattern CFA (X-trans technology).  This seems to have been quite divisive with fans claiming almost magical properties from removing an AA filter and messing with the organisation of the colour filters while others note that there are downsides to the approach.

All engineering approaches involve trade offs and there is no such thing as a free lunch. Optimise one parameter and another gets worse.  The forums dealing with these issues get quite religious about it all, Sigma forum is no different. The forums dealing with identical tech (like Canon/Nikon) essentially just fight over who has the best camera model this week and who will be best next week.

But the truth of the whole of DPR is that no one really cares that much about photographs or photographers. That's not a bad thing, it just reflects that it's a gear review site that encourages brand tribalism to get more hits.  if photographs are more your thing, go to or even better which is only about photos and nobody talks gear at all (mind you, there are some here that dislike because they focus on "art" photographs rather than forensic reality reproducers).

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Indeed I joined DPR forum 4 months after you did.  I first joined here and participated in the Ricoh forum, as I owned a GRD at that time.  I really enjoyed my time back then, as people shared photos.  After that, I got my 1st Canon DSLR, and then I switched over to the Canon forum.  But the experience was a whole lot different.  Most people talked about AF speed, resolution, sharpness, etc., and then there were always fights with some Nikon guys dropping by.  After a while, I no longer visited there.  Later on, I switched to Leica, and have been visiting those Leica forums else where.  I occasionally came by the Leica forum here, as I think people in the Leica forum do focus more on photo taking, part of the reasons I guess is that there is nothing much to talk about in terms of technology for Leica.  Recently I got a DP3M.  I love it, despite all its shortcomings.  I dropped by one day to share some photos, and see how people manage to overcome those shortcomings, e.g. short battery life, and high ISO handicap, etc..  All seem fine, until I hit this post.  At first was all okay, as people talked about how this little monster can do.  But then people started comparing against D7100 and D800E, and arguing re sensor technology.  There I quitted talking.  No fun anymore.  I remarked my feeling about this, and period.  I will still drop by, but will only focus on those re photo shooting and those re battery management.  I know nothing about technology.  I only care what I see out of the camera, which is merely a tool to me.  And to me, there is no "the tool", as each of them has its own position and use.  Just have to make the good use out of it.  That's all.  Okay, enough BS from me.  Better stop before jeopardising anyone any further here.  Thanks.

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