The BIGGEST problem with my DP2M....

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Re: The BIGGEST problem with my DP2M....
In reply to richard stone, May 4, 2013

And I think we (meaning all of us...) can say it is "good," not bad, when someone is excited or pleased with a camera and they enjoy using it.

Even if they have what "we" (meaning a few people who really can't see any benefit from Foveon sensors) might consider an inflated idea of its performance or results, etc. "We" (the few) might be wrong. (!) "We" (the few) might have different ideas about what makes a good image. "We" (the few, again...) might be incapable of "seeing" anything outside of what "we" like as a good image. Imagine that. (!)

This is in part the issue of people liking what they know....

And even more significantly, a camera that the user enjoys is going to get used more? Probably. Is this going to add significantly to the "art" and "beauty" in the world? Maybe not, considering the general level of photographic-style images in general, but it is at least possible. Meanwhile, the owner/user is pleased, and enjoys his camera, and that at least brings more joy into the world, not a bad thing. What is a bad thing is people telling the happy user that the camera he or she appreciates is really not very good.

Meanwhile, I am firmly convinced that some people simply cannot (or is it will not?) "see" any difference between Bayer images and those taken with a Foveon sensor, and I think they are mostly blind, but still, and indeed in part because they cannot see the difference, more to be pitied than scorned. No amount of arguing, no amount of well produced sample images, will convince them to open their eyes or their minds.

But Bayer cameras have their place, and I own several. They work great for snapshots.

And after all, this is a "gear" forum, and not one dedicated to "art" and composition, and even more significantly, this is the Sigma forum, so if a poster doesn't think the Sigmas are any good, maybe they should be posting in the forum where they actually like the camera in question? Think how that might improve their enjoyment of life. Or maybe they just like to argue and hold contrarian positions? Which is the more likely truth.


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Another thing I want to point out is that if one goes to the Nxxxx or Cxxxx forums, one can easily see most people there are talking about specs. But then if one goes to the Lxxxx or Rxxxx forums, most people there share photos. I saw the same here in the Sigma forum at the beginning, but then when DP Merrill comes out, people start arguing about specs. Interesting hah!? ... No specific points I want to make here, but just to share what I observe in general.

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