The BIGGEST problem with my DP2M....

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Re: The BIGGEST problem with my DP2M....

Roland Karlsson wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

I bet 3 Sigma DP compacts is very similar in size to a mirrorless camera like the Fuji X-E1 and 3 lenses.  Not much difference there and you lose the benefit of a lens perfectly mated to the sensor.

You start to sound like a real fan boy

A fan, yes.

BTW - don´t you think it would be a benefit, when Sigma releases the new mirror less body, that you can reuse all the three nice lenses? And also all other nice lenses you could fit with an adapter? Just a thought.

Not really my thing, but for others, that's OK.

BTW - I am personally struggling with the question - buy - not buy.

As am I.  The DP3M is really pulling at me.  So far my resistance has been strong enough.  We'll see.

And - if buy - which one(s). It all really ends up that I cannot decide. And no decision is the same as no buy. Just another thought.

A mirror less Foveon camera I would probably have bought already.

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