Where/How do you buy legacy lenses?

Started Apr 28, 2013 | Questions thread
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jj74e Senior Member • Posts: 1,633
Where/How do you buy legacy lenses?

So for a lot of mirrorless cameras, I keep reading about how people buy a converter and cheap legacy lenses.

From what I understand, legacy lenses are basically old lenses that can be found cheaply because they're manual focus only, kind of irrelevant now, and while not the highest quality, can offer some unique looks with the right adapter? Is that right?

I'm heavily considering M4/3, esp. the OMD-EM5, esp. with the slew of Blackmagic products coming out with the M4/3 mount. However, the one thing that puts me off is native lens prices. They seem pretty expensive compared to other systems, and I was hoping legacy lenses would help mitigate that.

  • Does a converter and legacy lens together make a mirrorless camera less portable?
  • How do you find legacy lenses and know they come from a reputable seller? I looked on Ebay, but I have no idea which are real and which are cheap.
  • What exactly is the definition of a legacy lens?
  • Are there certain legacy lenses you'd recommend?
  • Each legacy lens is still part of a system mount, right? i.e. I'd need a different adapter for different legacy lens systems?

Thank you for your help.

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