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YouDidntDidYou wrote:

MichaelKJ wrote:

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

DSLRs market share is eroding because they have failed to evolve with the consumer over the last 5 years.

living life to the Four Thirds!

Mirrorless took some market share from DSLRs, but that appears to have stopped about one year ago.

What do you think DSLRs should have done to maintain market share?

I think most people would find Thom's interpretation more credible than yours. I've seen my sons and many friends go from being frequent users of their DSLRs to only using them on special occasions. Their iPhones have completely replaced their compact cameras and about 90% of the photos they used to take with their DSLRs.

Mirrorless hasn't stopped taking market share and potential market share from DSLRs. This is evident when you look at mirrorless users on flickr  you can see all the previous cameras they use to shoot with via the exif data. Just like its evident that mft users use exposure compensation, white balance settings, metering modes etc more often than DSLR shooters.

Not that I'm an advocate for DSLRs, mirrorless or any particular format come to that but I'm not sure flickr is really a very good indication of world wide market share.  Or that you can draw the conclusion that "its (sic) evident that mft users use exposure compensation, white balance settings, metering modes etc more often than DSLR shooters."

Canikon still make DSLRs difficult to use,still tie their users to OVFs, still over segment the market etc in fact they have dug their own grave.

Difficult to use?  Tie their users to OVF (which many would see as a distinct advantage although it obviously creates size issues)?  Over segment the market - and you don't think that will happen to mirrorless too?  And as for having dug their own grave - well they may have picked out a possible plot but I don't think they have started digging yet.

Yes smartphones have  very obviously totally eaten into the point and shot market and will continue to do so.No smartphones are no to blame for DSLR's decline they have done that themselves. At worse smartphones have affected the camera joshi which Olympus had already successfully targeted and is now repositioning itself away from.

I've nothing against Olympus having used OM1 / OM2 SLRs for many years and loved them.  But unfortunately Olympus lost the plot (and virtually all their market share) when most other SLR manufacturers successfully moved to autofocus.  So no longer being unable to compete in the SLR market it was either do something different (4/3 and M4/3) or get out of the interchangeable lens camera business altogether.

Your son's friends haven't discovered mft and just prove my point about how frustrating and difficult DSLRs are for most of their users... Canikon have sold them a false dream.

Sold them a false dream?  Not at all.  Many 'casual' users bought into SLRs and more latterly DSLRs because they wanted something better than could be obtained from the point and shoot cameras of the time. Many are no more difficult to use than point and shoots - in fact most are used that way and exposure, focus, etc., are all taken care of automatically.  You could argue that DSLRs are too large for many people and I wouldn't disagree at all.  With the 100D Canon are attempting to address that but of course many other formats are potentially even smaller.

Horses for courses really and fortunately we're spoilt for choice.

living life to the Four Thirds!

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