Any thing wrong with using AF-C permanently?

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Brev00 wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

nfpotter wrote:

Yes, VR still works at the time of the shot.  Yes you can still get VR with a shutter button half-press.  What is the point of using the AF-ON button, if you still have to half-press the shutton button?

You do not have to half press the shutter button to get VR...You do have to fully press the shutter button to take the picture...when you do that, VR engages and works as always to mitigate the effects of camera shake.

Obviously, many of you don't realize how much easier VR make INITIAL FOCUS ACQUISITION WITH A LONG LENS.   For me, none.  AND, still promotes a weak grip.

That is indeed another use for VR...but not required for the shot.

I don't understand this reply.  If Master Potter uses vr (os) to help acquire initial focus with his Bigma, then he requires it.

Sure it helps him hold steady, but it is not required to get the camera shake reduction benefits to the capture.

I would think that using os only at the precise moment of capture would decrease his keeper rate or, at least, entail a continuous shooting style.

Not really as VR completely resets at the moment the mirror starts to rise so keeper rate should not change.  It's helping him frame and excellent side benefit of VR. I use 9pt on my longer lenses and simply haven't found a real benefit to focus lock speed VR on vs VR off. He uses longer lenses so has better experience in that regard. I was pointing out the not having VR engaged at the time the AF-ON button is pressed is no reason to abandon back-button focus. I actually like being able to separate VR pre-exposure mode VR from focus (best of both worlds as I can engage it at will like everyone else does..I have more options). Gives me personally more control as my thumb wasn't doing anything anyways. Now it has a job and also stabilizes my hold as I've modified how I hold the camera to take more advantage of AF-ON focus. Lots of ways to skin that cat... pros and cons to all.

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