Interesting calculations on the origins of life

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Re: Fatally flawed....your share....
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I understand what they found. I also understand that it was not the complete datum that would finish the equations.

Of course not.

"Follow that Rabbit!"

You appear to be very cynical when it comes to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the world around us. Why, may I ask, is that?

How much money, how much time, and how much energy would you spend chasing continually inconclusive results? We're reaching the point where the mass they are chasing is dissolving into energy.

Why are you worried about our spending on CERN? Aren't you from the US? Or was it more a comment about science in general?

Uh "we" are spending as much at Livermore.

The results are not inconclusive, it's called 'progress' and progress is slow but steady.

You might not want to ask me how much I would spend since I'm considerably biased. Science is my life and I am a strong proponent of more money invested in fundamental research. To me that is the basis of any civilized society. The innovation/knowledge economy philosophy the politicians are forcing down our throats is already hurting scientific progress.

That's sort of my point, at what point does research become about supplying jobs to grad students?

Whether it's Global Warming, Particle Physics, Disappearing frogs, Nose Fungus bats, or any of thousands of other "vitally important research projects" their common denominator is they desperately need more money.

From the Government.

From me.

I have noticed that for most arguments, for conservatives it generally comes down to the money.

You're a member of society; one would think you'd be a little more willing to kick in your share to understand the world in which we live.

I got very little in real terms from men walking on the moon, but when I walk outside at night, look up at the moon and think that we, mankind, put men up there I don't regret one penny of my tax money that contributed to it.

I'm glad you brought that up.

It is the difference Theoretical Science following its collective nose and Applied Science approaching an Engineering Solution.

To say you got nothing from the Manned Space Program is incorrect.

I said I got very little in real terms....there was Tang too, you know.

Start with Velcro. Add in Medical Telemetry. Advances in Electronics. Structural Materials.

I submit there would have been much cheaper ways to get these than to fund a space program.

...but then again, as I said I loved sending a man to the moon and it wasn't to enjoy Velco.

There are more; all which were invented with a specific purpose in mind.

That is what is lacking in the pursuit of the un-knowable.

How smart of you to know what is un-knowable.

Needless to say, I don't agree with your short sighted point of view, no offense.

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