7d Mk II - This does not make sense!

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Re: 5DmkIII

tvstaff wrote:

scorrpio wrote:

tvstaff wrote:

No it's not. A FF 7D is not a 5D.

The photo focus system
video focus system
LCD size
the DIGIC5+ is not the same as the Dual "Digic 4"
 the ISO ranges AND memory card use... not the same and more!

5D3 has a more advanced 61-point AF system.   Controls are about identical, LCD on 5D3 is bigger and has higher dot count, not sure what 'frame' means.

Well, ok, 5D3 is a single-CPU camera, and can handle only 6 fps.

7D is the flagship APS-C.   If you want speed of 7D in a full-frame, you have to be looking at the flagship FF, and that would be 1Dx.    And why the price a shock?   People who have that kind of demand on the body generally require some serious glass as well - and even a 'lowly' 300 f/2.8L II  costs more than a 1Dx body.


You make a good point on the price,

I just have not read the same on all the positives on weather sealing that I have on the 7D.  You even see pictures of the 7D in snow and people freeze it in water and it still works! <ROFL>

Canon themselves claims it has only very basic weather sealing, I would not call some internet photos proof that it is sealed (which per the designers is NOT)

If the 5d3 is as sound I'd be happy but one of the posters said they had trouble.

So there is anecdotal evidence vs one piece of anecdotal evidence? MY advise, go by what Canon claims and that is pretty much the same for both. If you must have real weather sealing then get a 1D or a housing or plastic sleeve.

If you go to the Canon site and compare the 7D side by side with the 5D, Canon states:  The EOS 7D features a magnesium alloy body that is dust and weather resistant.\

I cannot find the same SPECS on Canon's chart for the 5Dmk3.

I think Canon even knows that the 7D is indeed sealed very well and the ONLY camera that Canon claims is really sealed are their iD line of products.

You make a graet point that the 5D costs as much as one of my lenses so it's a great value.

Best regards to you.

I believe the claims from Canon of 7D and 5D3 are identical, if not then because they learned their lesson from calling the 7D weather sealed and dealing with loads of complaints from customers who thought their 7D is a submarine

Honestly ... if you want a great fast FF camera, then just get a 5D3 and be done with it and if you dont need to stick with Canon, pick a FF Nikon offering which currently may (or not) offer more for the money

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