Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

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Translation of interview
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** content in () is something I added from the way they talk, to complete the sentence. **
 targets towards a specific market, it targets professionals. On the other hand, Nikon D800 doesn't have a clear market placement, thus the effect is minor.645DA: PENTAX 
Q: In professional segment, did high pixel count Nikon D800 affect the sale of the PENTAX 645D?
A: A reporter asked me about FF DSLR two years ago as well. I can now say that PENTAX is currently developing a FF DSLR, and it will be a unique FF camera. 
Q: Is PENTAX currently working on FF DSLR development?
A: PENTAX mirrorless already occupy a portion of the market, we will continue to develop pencake lenses and create better K-mount lens to satisfy the market needs. (I refuse to use 'optimize' to translate "优化").
Q: What is the strategy for PENTAX on mirrorless camera segment?
A: It is just the opposite of what you said, K-01 sale is very good, we can't even produce enough to satisfy the market needs.
. K-01 creative artistic styling captured quite some attention as well. But due to the high MSRP price, it is not widely received by consumers. Even after the huge price drop, the sale of the camera didn't improved significantly. I wonder if the reason why PENTAX discontinued K-01 because it's sale price is too high and the sale is not good?Q10Q: In mirrorless segment, PENTAX has K-01, Q, and 
A: The production line keeps adjusting (to the market), PENTAX is planning it's own APS-C sized compact camera.
Q: PENTAX MX-1 uses 12MP and 1/1.7" backlit CMOS sensor, but Ricoh released a APS-C sized compact camera recently (The GR). Would like to know if PENTAX will release a (APS-C sized) compact camera that styled like the MX-1?
A: Even though it's time on the market is still short, but the of increased retailers (distributors) gave a positive push to the sale of the camera. So, the sale is not bad.
Q: Using retro styling and brass casing as selling points, PENTAX MX-1 has been in the market for 2 weeks, how is the sale?
edit: I will translate them all.
Let me try to translate the last 3 questions (they are what we interested, right?) Gear: K200, K5, LX3 
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