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7d Mk II - This does not make sense!

Started Apr 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: 7d Mk II - This does not make sense!
In reply to tvstaff, Apr 26, 2013

tvstaff wrote:

nikkorwatcher wrote:

Sounds like the thread has been created with the childish assertion again that full-frame trumps everything else so the commoners should just crop for reach. Blah blah.

I don't think so.  Often I see how the 7D has better IQ than the 800/800E and even the 5D or 1D under some applications.

I'm going to have to agree with some other comments here when I say....huh???  I love my 7D but it doesn't best the D800 nor the 5DIII nor the 1D X in any way, shape, or form in the IQ arena.  The 7D is still very useful and it may be more suited to certain situations than those cameras, but there is no measure of image quality where it beats those cameras.

However, as technology changes and FF is improved upon, to the point, it's as good as Med Format / Film a lot of people will have tons of money invested in crop glass that will not work as well on a FF.  My 17-55 F2.8 USM IS is prime example. To some $1,100.00 is not a lot for glass, but for me it's not wood!

The 17-55 is one compelling reason to buy a crop body.  Full frame is great, but some people don't need or want that much depth of field, files that large, or to spend that much money.  I'd love to have a full frame camera, but it is no more of a valid sensor size than a "crop" sensor....and that's because all of these sizes are completely arbitrary.  "Full frame" only exists as the standard by which crops are judged or as the standard conversion for focal lengths because it has been around for so long and that's what many people understand.  There's no magical proportion or depth of field-to-focal length relationship that full frame was designed to take advantage of.

I like the fact that my 70-200 L f/2.8 II on my 7D is in reality a 100-300 of sorts.  However, in studio there is a clear advantage to the 5D III and also to a H5D-50MS if you want to go to an extream.

Yeah.  And?  Why aren't we all shooting with medium forma then?  Because the glass is heavy and expensive and the sensor can't match the speed of smaller sensors and the depth of field is just way too huge for a lot of people.  Sound familiar?

My concern is really where I like to shoot and at times it's not friendly.  Wet, cold, filled w/sand, hot, sand, heavy wind.....  I don't think that the H5D-50MS at $34,995.00even with free shipping is for me   Nor is the I DX at $5,500 based on what I need or like.

I want another body...  I don't want to invest in another crop body. So for me I want a FF Camera.

There are lots out there.  Like somebody else said, buy the 5DIII.  What's the issue?

Can you understand how someone would want Crop and FF bodies in their bags?  One is not better than the other unless they are used "Right" based on the "users needs".


Indeed.  And do you think a 7DII with a full frame sensor would cost less than the 5DIII?  I think you want something that can't exist for another few years.

Best regards Nikorwatcher,


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