Confirmed: No practical advantage to removing D7100 AA filter

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Re: Confirmed: No practical advantage to removing D7100 AA filter
In reply to marike6, Apr 26, 2013

marike6 wrote:

If DPR cannot see the difference between the D5200 and D7100 in terms of sharpness, then they are not looking closely enough.

Yet they were looking extremely closely!

And all this talk about "real world" is utter nonsense.

What? so what do you use your camera for?

If the D5200 and D7100 show a difference in the RAW Comparison, then they will show a difference in general shooting out in the field if both cameras are shot with the same technique, the same lenses and off the same tripod.

Apparently not, and that is the whole point.

If DPR is trying to say that "with handheld snapshots it's hard to see a difference", that totally different than asserting that there is "no difference at all".

I don't see anywhere where they referenced "snapshots" at all. All they said is that the difference is so minuscule as to be effectively no difference at all. This really isn't that hard to understand

And because they say "there is no practical advantage", it's clear that they mean that for snapshots in the park, they can't tell the difference.  But it is kind of lame for a testing site to keep using silly caveats like "the real world". What real world is that?

Anything other than shooting test charts would be my guess.

Either there is a difference or there isn't.  Tests are about empirical data, not general impressions based on what they think real world usage of this camera will be.

Did you even read the review?

But just like D800E out-resolves the D800, the D7100 out-resolves the D5200.

No, it doesn't!!

The D800 may well have lower resolution than the D800e, but these cameras also have a lower pixel density than the crammed up 24mp APS-C sensor in the D7100, pixel density is a big part of the equation.

And it has zero to do with "best lenses" or any other made up caveat that DPR is trying to sell it's readers.  The D800E out-resolves the D800 because it doesn't have an OLPF to blur detail to control moire and the same is true for the D7100 and D5200.

No it isn't!!

You need to look at the data and try and understand why results may be different between a full frame sensor and an APS-C sensor.

But don't worry, your new camera is still much better than the old one so no purchase defense necessary.

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