12MP, 16MP or 24MP for the 17-55 lens?

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Not to worry. It's only funky and donkey...
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MiraShootsNikon wrote:

Wow Spoken like a true test tube baby who spent all his life in a lab and can't take a decent image in the real world

Pretty much.  It's getting rather tiring having these DxO worshippers post like authority all the time.  In most cases, they haven't even tried the lenses in question themselves....instead preferring to let DxO think for them.

It's not surprising that you'd once again show your ignorance and cluelessness, since the takeaway of what I wrote was that DxOMark's numbers can't be trusted. You clearly missed the obvious, which was my changed sub-thread title ("Barely resolves more detail? DxOMark? Really?") But that pales in comparison with your stooping to agree with anything that the SunnyFloridian troll has to say.

Man, you're having a tough time in this thread, photoreddi.  

Tough time? Not at all. It's easy to laugh it off based on FunkyFlorida's total lack of forum credibility and D. Luttman's (former fellow traveler/tag-team buddy of Barry "Sonny" Fitzgerald) close second in lack of credibility. Speaking of laughing, I've had a month's load of laughs from the first hour I spent reading this, so there'll be more good times to come :

All references to cameras and photography skillfully expurged by the publisher's flunkies...

Hey, I totally agree with you about DxOMark's scoring regimen.  And the 50mm comparison is a great example: given that the 50 f/1.4D underperforms the 50G and Sigma in various ways their own tests document, how can it merit the same score?

Maybe they factor cost in some way?  If so, I suppose that would make the final score more of a "value" assessment than a performance analysis?  It seems murky, at best.

I was thinking that DxO's scores represent some kind of weighted average of performance at commonly used apertures and ISOs but without access to the underlying data, it's all too easy to present misleading scores from time to time.

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