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Re: The best camera company

This is sort of like the eternal argument between Ford and Chevy trucks.  They both work well for their intended purpose, they appeal to different buyers.  Same thing with the camera companies. They're making similar products for similar purposes that work well but appeal to different buyers.  Some make products for different purposes and have no business being directly compared with companies focusing on other markets.  You wouldn't compare RED to Nikon, for example, unless it was to point out that Nikon has no presence in RED's market.  So the only thing I can say about Oly, for example, is that it's played very well in a specific market niche but is intentionally steering clear of Canon and Nikon to survive and grow.  Therefore it's not directly comparable but is offering options to the general photography market that may eventually become mainstream.  Or they may not.  Doesn't say anything about whether the company is better or worse in the absolute sense.

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